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Character sketches, Works in development, Concept art, preliminary pencils, sketch book doodles and inspiration, it all ends up here in the Sketches Gallery. Click the thumbs to the right for additional and previous sketches.

WEEK OF 02/09/09
The recent illustration of the video game robot, done for Washington State CEO Magazine, went through a number of early concept roughs. Here are some of the sketches that didnt get selected as well as the one that did.

WEEK OF 7/14/08
And the debate rages on, who is the better archer? Green Arrow or Hawkeye.

WEEK OF 7/07/08
Did this Captain America in honor of the July 4th holiday, this past weekend. The surfer is my interpretation of what Marvel Comics Silver Surfer character would look like if he were a she.

WEEK OF 6/25/08
Nick Fury has made his come back over at Marvel Comics as part of the on going Skrulls Invasion story line. So it seemed like a good idea give him a skecth.

WEEK OF 6/16/08
Wolverine in his new Xforce gear!

PowerGirl to the rescue!

WEEK OF 6/9/08
The WitchBlade!

The Man Of Steel, who just turned 70 years old!